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Below are some great tips from a recruiting seminar held at Lassiter HS:
Be realistic about your child’s athletic (and academic) capabilities. Do they have the size, speed and agility to compete at the next level. Are they really a D-1 prospect or would they have a greater chance of success in a smaller program. Research the size, speed and attributes of position players at the schools you desire to play for and compare to your player.
.Get on video. Create a video highlight package on Hudl, placing the most impressive plays up front. Coaches and their assistants who review highlight videos need to see the best plays first to want to see more.
Clean up your Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Recruiters WILL look at your accounts and make judgments based on what they see.
Be proactive! The best player in the state will not receive an offer if no one knows about him. Identify the position coaches and recruiters at the schools you are considering and reach out to them via phone, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The player should reach out, ask questions and follow up on all contacts.
Consult with Coach Stancil. The Peachtree Ridge Coaching staff is available to help. However, the staff will be honest and realistic with all college recruiters that contact them.
Camps. Investigate fully any off-season camp to which you are invited to. Many camps and combines are money-making enterprises for coaches and schools. Beware of “special invitations” and other marketing angles. Identify the camps where your desired colleges will attend.  Introduce yourself to the coaches from your desired colleges upon arrival.