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Acclimation and Practice Preparation

By PRHS Football, 07/26/21, 7:30AM EDT


To the Parents of the Pride :

The safety and wellbeing of our players and team is the primary focus of the Coaching Staff, Team Trainers, and Booster Club. As we all are aware, this week, and the following few weeks’, temperatures will be of such that heat indexes will be of a major concern. The Heat Indexes / weather is beyond our control …  however, hydration , nutrition, and player practices within this environment is something that the Coaching Staff and parent support can control to help prevent any heat related issues.

Coach Stancil has implemented several measures during practice to ensure that each player’s hydration and wellbeing is being properly monitored and addressed.

From the Coaches Side :

There will be 2 Adult Team Trainers present at each practice for player oversight and Heat Index monitoring

  • Coach Stancil has instructed his Staff to not only implement additional breaks for hydration, but to also be aware of additional breaks in practice for acclimation and heat relief as needed
  • Additional water and stations will also be added onto the Field during practice and at drill stations for players to hydrate in addition to the expanded, preplanned water breaks.
  • Bananas ( a source of potassium ) will also been supplied by the Booster Club to the Coaching Staff to distribute to the players as a supplement as needed.


From the Parents Side :

  • Water should be the primary method of liquid hydration.
  • Hydration is an ongoing , proactive measure that needs to be practiced 24/7  rather than as a “reactionary catch up event”
  • Gatorade and Powerade is not the answer alone … the sugars in these drinks are of a concern .. if these drinks are consumed, they should be a supplement rather than the primary source of fluids … AND they should be diluted 50% with water
  • Proper nutrition goes hand and hand with proper hydration .. please monitor and direct the balance of proteins, carbs, and vegetables eaten on a daily basis
  • PLAYERS MUST BRING IN 1 CASE of WATER ON MONDAY TO ASSIST IN MAINTAINING HYDRATION .. Conditioning practiced during the summer will definitely be a plus however the level of heat , humidity and physical exertion will be something that the players will need to be prepared for and maintain throughout the season starting now!


… as stated above : Practice proactive habits rather than reactionary ones.

Lastly, the staff has also been instructed to look out for and report any physical concerns immediately to Team Trainers for immediate response … Parents, please also do the same after practice .. Stay in contact with the Coaching Staff … do not hesitate to seek the care of your physician should there be any concerns to the wellbeing of your son!


Thank You in Advance for Your Support    …  The 2021 Touch Down Booster Club Board